About Us

Do you love combat sports? Yeah, we do, too. Actually, we love martial arts in all its forms!

We work with fighters. We’re practitioners ourselves. We know what you need to succeed.

And because the right equipment can give you an edge, we’ve put together the ultimate collection of high quality gear & accessories – all your favorite brand names – plus our own line of equipment. Looking for the best in high quality apparel, training gear, and fitness equipment for martial arts and related sports? You’ll find it here.

In addition to serving the combat sports industry, we own a four-time award-winning company that provides design, supply, logistics, and service of exercise equipment for many well-known companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Marriott Corporation, IBM, Honda Jet, Citigroup and ISP Sports. We also have another fitness “niche” company, Advantage Box and Wod Supply, which sells equipment and supplies to the functional fitness genre, such as CrossFit, Speed & Agility Programs, Strong Man, Strength & Conditioning Programs and Boot Camp Classes.

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