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Prophet Exchange: App Review & Sign-Up Details

Updated: January 30, 2023

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Prophet Exchange is offering one of the most unique experiences in all of sports betting.

As opposed to traditional sportsbooks where you compete against the house, Prophet Exchange offers a peer-to-peer sports betting service that lets you set your own odds on moneyline markets. That means you’re getting the best moneyline prices on the market and you’re never limited on the lines you want to wager on. Prophet Exchange also offers point spread and totals markets at +100 odds across the board.

Check out our full review of the Prophet Betting Exchange app and platform, along with exclusive links to sign up with Prophet Exchange.

Prophet Exchange Review Sections:

Prophet Exchange Promo Code

Prophet Exchange Review Prophet Exchange Promo Details
Prophet Exchange Bonus N/A
Prophet Exchange Minimum Deposit $10
Prophet Exchange Deposit Methods ACH Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Casino Cage
Prophet Exchange Available Markets New Jersey

You don’t need to enter a Prophet Exchange promo code of any kind to sign up with them and claim their best bonus. Just use the link in the table above or anywhere else on this page to get started with the registration process for this one-of-a-kind sports betting exchange.

One of the only drawbacks with Prophet Exchange is their lack of payment methods. Prophet Exchange does not accept credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal as deposit options, giving you limited choices to fund your account with.

Prophet Exchange is currently only available in New Jersey, however, they have signaled their intent to launch in Indiana sometime soon. For now, Prophet Exchange is the best betting exchange for US players. Stay tuned to this page for all the latest updates on where Prophet Exchange is available.

Prophet Exchange Sports Betting Review

The Prophet Exchange betting platform works in a much different way than your typical sportsbook. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, then our Prophet Exchange review will help you get a better understanding.

You might not be used to something like Prophet Exchange, but you’ll still be getting closer to the action in your favorite games with this peer-to-peer betting platform.

There are two main ways to wager on moneyline markets with Prophet Exchange:

  • Set your own odds on a moneyline wager (request)
  • Place a wager on an already existing line set by someone else

Prophet Exchange allows you to set your own odds on moneyline wagers before placing a bet. If someone takes the other side of the bet, then the wager is placed, and Prophet Exchange takes a 2% commission on successful wagers as opposed to a traditional vig.

For example, let’s say you want to bet on a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins. Prophet Exchange will show you the three best set of odds for the Steelers, three sets of odds for the Dolphins, and “Liquidity Limits” for each of these lines.

Current liquidity refers to how much money is currently available to be wagered at the listed prices. For example, if you like the Pittsburgh Steelers at +285 odds, you can wager up to $2,049 and your wager will be fully matched on the other side of the line. You can also set your own odds if you don’t like the three prices you’re being shown on either side of the line.

In this example, you could wager more than $2,049, however you would have to wait for another bettor to come in and match the additional amount in favor of the Miami Dolphins.

Prophet Exchange has a “Best Execution” feature for these scenarios. If you bet more than $2,049 on +285 odds for the Pittsburgh Steelers, then the bet could be accepted on the other side for different odds than what you initially entered, but only if it is more advantageous for the user. In this event, Prophet Exchange will account for all current liquidity with the remainder going unmatched.

You’ll get a notification when the Best Execution feature is triggered, and it’s extremely helpful for setting your own markets.

This means you don’t have to worry about the presence of more favorable odds than what you initially set, as Prophet Exchange technology will allow your wager to get matched at better odds.

Prophet Exchange also offers spread and total betting markets, however you cannot set your own lines for these markets, as they are offered at +100 odds across the board. You are able to set your own totals and point spread values, however they will be locked at even odds.

Moneyline betting options at Prophet Exchange are competitive with other sports betting platforms like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM, as you’re always getting the best moneyline prices set by other sharp sports bettors on the market. The only current limitations at Prophet Exchange are set by total liquidity, which should increase as more bettors sign up and Prophet Exchange expands to other states.

While you’re always getting the best moneyline prices on the market and flexible options for totals and point spread wagering, Prophet Exchange does not offer other wagering types like parlays, teasers, and game or player props.

Overall, you’ll have a ton of fun wagering with Prophet Exchange whether you’re a rookie sports bettor or a seasoned sharp. While their betting exchange is tailored for sharp sports bettors, new players unfamiliar with this system will quickly learn to love it.

Prophet Exchange Promotions

Prophet Exchange is not currently offering any sign-up promos. They used to offer a Risk Free First Matched Bet up to $250.

Despite not offering a sign-up promo, Prophet Exchange offers the best sports betting odds in New Jersey, making it a great value choice for sports bettors in the Garden State.

Sign up with Prophet Exchange in the Garden State today to get started with this unique platform. As a reminder, you do not need a Prophet Exchange promo code to sign up.

Prophet Exchange App Review

The Prophet Exchange app is intuitive, sleek, and backed by some of the best engineering in the sports betting industry. Available for iOS and Android devices through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, sports bettors are able to wager with Prophet Exchange from the comfort of their couches.

Using the link above is the quickest way to download the Prophet Exchange NJ mobile app. With a 4.5/5-star rating on the App Store, NJ sports bettors are clearly enjoying everything the Prophet Exchange app has to offer. The Prophet Exchange website is also reliable, but the mobile app is the most convenient way to wager.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Prophet Exchange app is their lack of push notifications. The Prophet Exchange app does not currently have push notifications to inform you when your wager has been matched, meaning you’ll need to refresh the app in order to see if your price has been matched.

How to Sign Up at Prophet Exchange

Signing up at Prophet Exchange is a straightforward process. Your personal and financial details are secure with Prophet Exchange, as they’re a legit US betting exchange.

Prophet Exchange sign up page screenshot

Prophet Exchange will ask you for some of the following details:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Created password
  • Date of birth
  • Address and postal code
  • Cell phone number
  • Prophet Exchange referral code (optional)
  • Last four digits of SSN

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be ready to make your first deposit and start betting with your newly created account.

Prophet Exchange Deposits and Withdrawals

Making deposits and withdrawals is the one drawback at Prophet Exchange. They currently don’t accept major payment methods like debit/credit cards or PayPal, making it more of a hassle to fund your Prophet Exchange account compared to other traditional sportsbooks.

Still, using their ACH transfer or bank wire transfer options are very reliable, it will just take longer to complete these transactions than something like PayPal. You can also visit Atlantic City’s Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, NJ to use the Prophet Exchange casino cage services to make a deposit.

Customer Support at Prophet Exchange

The customer support team at Prophet Exchange is extremely helpful should you encounter any issues. You can contact their customer service by filling out a form on their website, asking your questions over the phone, or emailing them directly.

Prophet Exchange was very helpful in answering all our questions about their app and welcome bonus. You shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to their friendly team should you need any assistance while using this premier betting exchange.

Prophet Exchange FAQ

Still have questions about Prophet Exchange? Here are some answers to Prophet Exchange FAQs:

What states is ProphetBet available in?

Prophet Exchange is currently only available in New Jersey. Prophet Betting exchange is anticipated to launch in Indiana as the next state.

What sports can I bet on using ProphetBet?

You can wager on all major sports with Prophet Exchange, including NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA games. Get closer to the action in your favorite games with Prophet Exchange.

How do odds work on Prophet Exchange?

Players can either set their own odds on Prophet Exchange, or accept the line on someone else’s wager. Prophet Exchange will present you with a set of odds you can wager on and the current liquidity on that price.

How does ProphetBet Exchange work?

Prophet Exchange works by giving you the opportunity to be the odds maker and set your own lines. They also allow you to wager against other players who have already created odds on a moneyline market.

What’s the difference between an online sportsbook and a betting exchange?

The main difference between an online sportsbook and betting exchange is who you’re wagering against. You’ll be competing against the house with an online sportsbook, while a betting exchange will have you wagering against other bettors.